Evidence-Based Christian Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Texas

Seeking treatment from a Christian addiction facility may seem like an uncommon option for people who want help with their addiction, but the numbers prove that this choice is highly effective. Many spirit-based treatment centers have turned out residents who have managed to kick the habit without suffering from a relapse.

What Makes It Different?

Obviously, the spiritual aspect of Christian treatment separates it from the traditional method – but what exactly makes it more effective for some people? It is largely believed that addictions of all kind root not just from physical and mental causes but also from spiritual ones. For one thing, individuals succumbing to addiction typically experienced a trauma related incident in their lives, leaving huge gaps in their spirit that are then filled with whatever substance they are abusing. By restoring faith in the divine, these huge gaps are filled, allowing individuals to eventually detach themselves from substance dependency and instead focus on more productive aspects of life.

Finding an Authentic Christian Rehabilitation Center

The good news is that finding a Christian Rehab in Texas is not as hard as it seems. Every state is home to at least one rehabilitation center where individuals are accepted as residents, their actions monitored by counselors, and a schedule designed to address every aspect of the addiction and eventually treat it.

When looking for a treatment provider, however, you should keep in mind that one place is not equal to another. Depending on your specific needs, the rehab you opt for may vary. That being said, following are some factors you must consider when choosing a rehab facility.

  1. Type of Addiction – obviously, it is a good idea to sign up for a rehab that opens its doors to all types of addiction. Substance and alcohol abuse are the two most common; what you or a loved one might need could be different. People suffer from gambling addictions, sex addictions, eating disorders and more. Make sure to ask the facility whether they cater to your specific need or have had similar cases in the past. Experience in the particular field increases the chance of success for the resident.
  2. Competency of Staff – the staff must be competent and well-experienced when dealing with people on the road to recovery. What’s important to note here is that the staff must be composed of both pastoral counselors and certified counselors. Certified counselors are the ones you usually find in traditional rehabilitation centers while the pastoral ones provide the spiritual boost needed to reaffirm your faith in God. However, even the certified counselors lean towards a more spiritual healing, making sure that each step you take is in line with the faith-centered essence of the rehabilitation. Do not be afraid to ask about the experience of the staff with addiction treatment, how long they have been in the job, and their qualifications.
  3. What Others Say – when it comes to faith-based treatment facilities, word of mouth is really the best way for you to completely judge how well it would work out. People you know, friends, relatives, sponsor, or even your doctor might help point you to the right direction. Don’t forget to check online for any comments or feedback from previous residents.
  4. Facilities Available – if possible, explore the facilities they have on offer before signing up. Checking their website is a good first step, but it is always a good idea to drop by and actually take a good look around. A well-cared for facility echoes well-cared for residents by staff that is both competent and supportive. This is crucial because you are basically going through a detoxification in the facility, resulting to physical, emotional, and spiritual turmoil. A badly set environment can add to that turmoil while a neat, orderly facility can reduce whatever mixture of emotions you might be suffering from.

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  1. Extracurricular Facilities – you will find that most rehabilitation centers have ample space for their residents, private rooms, living room, a kitchen, and essentially all the comforts of home. However, others go the extra mile – sometimes providing their residents with a pool, a play room, tennis court and various other avenues for de-stressing. If you believe that the presence of these will help in your recovery, then by all means, find a Christian Addiction Treatment center with some of these to offer.
  2. Cost of the Facility – of course, don’t forget to ask about the cost of the facility. Compare it with other rehabilitation offers, but keep in mind that when it comes to recovery – quality is always the better option. Think how much more expensive a relapse would be if you don’t find the treatment you need right now.
  3. Gut Feeling – a good long talk with the rehabilitation facility’s top officer should give you a better glimpse on how well things run in the place. A good representative will make you feel at ease and hopeful with the results of your stay in their facility. Can they answer your questions quickly and competently? Are they welcoming? Are they open with their curriculum? What kind of experience does this person have? The top person is a good reflection of the whole so make sure to pay close attention.
  4. The Aftercare – aftercare refers to the treatment they offer after leaving the facility. This is quite common and may be the most important aspect of a good addiction treatment center. See, within their walls, everything may be controlled which means that it might be easier for you to leave your addiction behind. Once you come out, however – all the temptations are back. This is when everything you learned will be put to the test and a good rehab will make sure that all that knowledge are reinforced in your person. Typically, aftercare involves visits by the counselor, invitation to group meetings, and even the option to come back to the center if things turn for the worse.

Spirit-filled facilities offer that added zing’ that traditional treatment cannot offer. With a spiritual guide added in, residents are not only healed from their addiction but are healed completely – from the inside out. You will find yourself not just turning away from the wrong path but also finding the right one and staying on it for good.

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