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Why Choose Us?

While looking into treatment facilities, you may be wondering which is the best choice. At WCA Rehab, our services and treatment options speak for themselves. We provide the most current options, which allows our clients to heal on a more holistic level.

We provide a team of professionals that care about your sobriety. They are qualified, but more importantly supportive and caring. We care about your well-being and your future. With our customized treatment plans and your hard work, we will ensure your success.

Five Reasons to Choose Weston Rehab

If you’re looking to receive help for you or your loved one, look no further. Weston Rehab is the perfect location for anyone looking for help. We offer high-quality care, within a beautiful facility. The following five reasons are why we’d like to care for you or your loved one

1.  Expertise -> When dealing with disease and mental illness, you need to be experienced and qualified. We want to see you well, which is why we have created an incredible team of staff members. When you choose Weston Rehab, you will have access to a certified psychiatrist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can help you with your medical or addiction needs.

When you enter our treatment program, you will be assigned a full-time professional. By building strong relationships with our staff, you will be able to make positive changes within your life. Those positive changes will lead to more positive results. You will also be assigned a mental health counselor and/or clinical psychologist.

When it comes to the detoxification process, our team is able to administer medications. This helps our clients detox in the safest and most effective manner possible. This is all due to the professionals that care for our clients

2.  Encourage Life Skills ->  At Weston Rehab, we understand how essential life skills are. We want our clients to integrate back into society, making the smoothest transition possible. This is why we help our clients improve their life skills. This ensures a more stable lifestyle, decreasing one’s risk of relapse.

We offer a wide variety of programs, building our clients skills and education. For instance, we offer nutritional programs. This helps target one’s health, as nutrition plays such a large role in one’s well-being. Also, many addicts have poor eating habits, due to their addiction.

We help clients in terms of potential careers and resume writing. Basically, we set-up our clients for the future. We want them to have a more positive future, which is why these basic skills are required. We also focus on effective communication, as this is an area that typically needs to be strengthened.

3.  Confidentiality -> At Weston Rehab, we respect your privacy. Unless someone is directly involved in your treatment, no one will have access to your information. It’s important that we maintain your privacy, which is why we value confidentiality.

4. Customized Treatment Plans -> We understand that each individual is unique, which is why we offer customized treatment plans. No two people are the same, so why would their treatment plans be the same? When you arrive, we will do a full assessment. This will focus on your addiction, your history, your physical health, and more. Based off of your evaluation, we create a personalized treatment plan.

As you go through recovery, we will continually monitor you. If we think certain aspects are not effective, then we will make changes accordingly. Personalized care yields the greatest results. We are committed to you and your sobriety.

5.  Encourage the Mending of Broken Relationships -> Within your treatment, we will focus on those close to you. Have your relationships been strained? Has your addiction harmed the relationship you have with your spouse, parents, kids, or someone else? We provide the resources to mend these relationships. In turn, this creates an effective support system for your recovery process.

We offer spiritual and religious practices, which allows you to mend your relationship with God. This is highly beneficial to those who are looking to heal this broken relationship. We also offer the support and services you need to mend your self-esteem and confidence. You need to love yourself, which is an important part of recovery.

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At Weston Rehab, we offer the best care possible. With so many treatment options, each client receives the best treatment plan for their personal needs. Our staff is caring, supportive, and experienced. We understand that asking for help is hard. You may be fearful for what the future holds.

At Weston Rehab, we help you see that the future is bright. We want to help you achieve your goals, living a more productive, happy life. If you have any questions, please contact us. We would love to help you, please pick up the phone today.