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How a Faith-Based Treatment Facility Can Assist You

Struggling with an addiction is very difficult to overcome. A drug or alcohol addiction is a problem which never fully disappears, it can be managed only through sobriety. The suffering of addiction and its consequences to the person, their family and community can be healed through God’s guidance and the intervention in their life.

By focusing on your faith, you will obtain that extra level of support.  Addiction is a disease of the body, mind and the spirit. In order to reach and maintain sobriety, all of these areas need to be improved. Weston Rehab offers a holistic approach, ensuring the success of our clients.

If you are currently looking for treatment, whether it’s for your or a loved on; we can assist you. We are waiting to assist you today, so that you can enjoy a fulfilling, healthy future.

Why Choose a Treatment Center that’s Faith-Based?

Weston Rehab is a faith-based rehab centre, which offers everything you would need to reach your goals. Why would you attend a faith-based facility? Well, there are various reasons for an individual to choose a faith-based program:

  • Very often the secular treatment programs reduce the role of God within recovery. A faith-based rehab program, has the potential to enable an individual and their family to recover fully. Also, it helps to bring long lasting joy and stability to their family. Weston Rehab offers various evidence-based treatment programs, along with many faith-based opportunities and services.
  • Christian recovery has been the foundation for many recovery programs available today. While all of these may be valuable methods to help an individual with their journey towards spirituality, a true Christian experience cannot be underestimated.

What to Look for in a Faith-Based Addiction Facility

When searching for a faith-based rehab facility, you should look for key elements. Weston Rehab is proud to offer everything you would need and more. Here are few important things to consider when choosing faith-based rehabilitation programs:

  • What treatment options are offered? Most rehab programs offer both group and individual counseling sessions for clients, which is an important aspect of recovery. Weston Rehab provides a well-rounded approach, as we believe in holistic healing. We aim to heal one’s body, mind, and spirit.
  • What type of aftercare is being provided? Most people need additional support after they finish inpatient treatment, so that they do not relapse. We offer great aftercare options, working closely with our clients.
  • An experienced staff, who are supportive and certified. Weston Rehab has an incredible team of psychologists, spiritual counselors, doctors, nurses, therapist, life coaches, and more. This is why we’re able to treat our clients so effectively.

Benefits of Choosing a Faith-Based Rehab  

At Weston Rehab, we provide numerous benefits for our clients. Clients who are battling addiction, have many advantages when choosing a faith-based rehab program. These include:

  • A sense of community:  Weston Rehab provides our residents with an environment of support and Christian fellowship. This strong sense of community is very integral in helping our clients overcome the darkest moments of addiction.
  • The presence of God:  For our clients, recovery comes through a restored connection with their faith. By using faith-based counseling, church services, life skill seminars and Biblical workshops, these programs help you find God after you have lost your faith. When you restrengthen your relationship with God, you build on your overall support system.
  • Achieving self-forgiveness: The Bible tells us, when we confess our sins to God, God is faithful in forgiving us and also cleansing us of all unrighteousness. Weston Rehab has been designed to help clients embrace forgiveness, while learning to forgive themselves.

No matter where you are in the battle against drug addiction, our counselors are ready to take the journey of lifelong sobriety with you. We will help you let go of past events and trauma, so that you can be renewed by God’s love. In turn, you will be able to live a meaningful, happy life.

Weston Rehab Offers Evidence-Based Programs 

Although we focus on one’s faith, addiction disorders enclose both physiologic and psychological components as well. This means that there are often components of panic, anxiety and depression, which are rooted deep within the brain. We work with our clients, helping them understand the root cause of their addiction.

Weston Rehab’s programs are designed to include both medically-based protocols and faith-based principles. All of the evidence-based treatment programs which are found in conventional treatment programs, are incorporated into our faith-based programs. Together, these elements create the best possible treatment plans.

The components of our treatment include:

  • Regularly updated treatment plans and patient evaluation
  • Medically based detoxification unit
  • Christian therapists who have a very deep understanding of the teachings of Christ and also the relationship to recovery
  • Multidisciplinary team of certified psychiatrists, addiction physicians, psychiatrists, Master’s level therapists, psychiatric nurses and other.
  • Certified staff members
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Workbooks which relate to Christian teachings which is applied to the task of recovery from addiction
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Church services
  • Bible study groups
  • Medication management if needed
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment if needed
  • Life skills lectures
  • Relapse prevention workshops
  • Exercise, meditation, and nutritional counseling
  • Individualized aftercare plans
  • Family therapy programs

At Weston Rehab, we check all these boxes and more. We’re confident that we can assist you today. With so many therapy and treatment options, our clients have the greatest chance of reaching long-term sobriety.

Do You Have to be a Christian?

You do not need to be of Christian belief or have a spiritual background to take part in our programs. Everyone is welcome, as we offer the highest levels of care and support. You do not need to be part of a particular religion, as we embrace everyone.

These programs give you the opportunity to explore your spirituality, while working on recovering from drug addiction. Many non-believers find that they build a strong spiritual connection while staying with us, strengthening their recovery process.

Does Weston Rehab Offer Support After Treatment?

When an individual has completed the rehab program and is ready to re-enter society sober, a lot of triggers await. In the absence of ongoing support, most of these individuals will revert into their addictive habits.  This why we focus on aftercare treatment options.

When choosing Weston Rehab, you can be confident that you will receive ongoing support. Due to the spiritual bonding you make with others in recovery (as well as your mentors and counsellors), you will obtain a wide community of support. If you are tempted to use, you can reach out to anyone within this support system. This extra level of support is highly beneficial during aftercare.

In a quality Christian rehab program, such as those offered at Weston Rehab, all the issues can be accurately diagnosed, then treated. During recovery, spiritual healing takes place, while mental and physical ailments are assessed and treated.

“Why must I ramble around in grief, suppressed by my enemies? Send out your shining light and your truth, let them guide me…”