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Weston Rehab Overview

Making the decision to seek help foryour addiction, is the first step towards complete healing. Studies have shown that faith-based facilities provide the most effective and long-term results for people with addiction problems. At Weston Rehab, we offer incredible opportunities for our clients.

addiction rehab houstonWhat if I am not a Christian?

Weston Rehab accepts people from all religions. This denotes that our teachings and methods of healing are not deeply ingrained on religion but rather, on the concept of spirituality. We open our doors to everyone, which translates to a secular belief that appeals to more people. Also, this helps draw people closer, building a sense of community.

Qualifications of Counselors

At Weston Rehab, we offer certified, supportive staff members. With a wide range of professionals offered, you will have access to so many opportunities. You can also be confident that they understand what you’re going through, helping you reach your goals.

Pastoral Counselors

Now, this might seem redundant, but the fact is that pastoral counselors are a vital aspect of faith-based rehab. They are the ones focusing on the spiritual aspects of the resident, helping them strengthen their faith through time-tested methods. Our pastoral counselors – like the addiction counselors – have extensive knowledge of their subject and have been serving in the addiction treatment industry for years.

Within our facility, we offer highly supportive pastoral counselors. They help guide our clients, as they learn more about their addiction. Confiding in these counselors truly helps many individuals, who are struggling to overcome their addiction.

System of Healing

Since some individuals prefer community-based support and other prefer a more personal approach, we offer a wide range of options. We do not believe in one treatment plan, as each client is unique. This is why we offer:

  • Mass service at least once a week
  • Sojourns or group meetings
  • Alone time for reflection by the residents

General Surroundings

Keep in mind that in order to achieve a peaceful of spirit, one must first be surrounded by peace. This is why Weston Rehab offers well-kept surroundings, that boost the mood of our residents. Our facility is not only beautiful, but comfortable and relaxing. We believe in providing the best possible environment for our clients.

Degree of Freedom

How aggressive is Weston Rehabs treatment schedule? A full schedule may seem good because it prevents you from wasteful thinking – but spiritual healing often requires alone time to think things over and reflect on what you have learned. Time to be with oneself is offered, combined with visits from friends and families. All these will contribute to a successful recovery.

Additional Perks that can Help

At Weston Rehab, we address not just the spirit, but the body as a whole. By providing a place for residents to shed excess energy and calm the mind, they become more recipient to the spiritual healing offered by the rehab center. At Weston Rehab, we offer many opportunities, which support a more relaxed state-of-mind. Please feel free to contact us for information.

Interaction With People

It is important to focus on how counselors and staff members interact with clients. At Weston Rehab, we are very lucky to have such an incredible team. Many clients build long-lasting, supportive relationships with staff members. We do not judge, as we want to see you well.

Addiction Specialty

At Weston Rehab, we cater to drug and alcohol addictions, as well as behavioral addictions. For addictions such as gambling and sex – we can assist you and your needs. With a more targeted approach, the chances of healing become better. We offer a wide range of options, so please contact us regarding your specific needs.

We Invite Clients of All Ages 

Unfortunately, addiction may occur at any age. Some may be in their teens, others in their 20s and others in their 50s. Different generations may respond to different approaches – which is why we’re experienced with all age groups.

Still, in some cases – this does not matter and in fact, the combination of people leads to better interaction between residents. At Weston Rehab, we do not focus on age, as our spiritual community is so much more than that. Clients of all ages build supportive relationships.

Overall Cost of the Facility

rehab for addictsTypically, Weston Rehab recommends several weeks of stay as part of their basic program. From there on out, you will be exposed to aftercare or your stay will be lengthened, depending on the results. If you’re concerned with what the costs may be, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you receive the treatment you deserve.

We Offer Aftercare Treatment 

We understand the importance of aftercare, as relapse prevention is an important part of our treatment plans. Once you leave our facility, we will continue to work with you. We will help you resist triggers, continue building self-worth, and help you maintain your strengthened faith. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us today.